We produce works of metal joinery that call for customized operations of analysis and development. We carry out a complete cycle of workmanship and assembly using semi-automatic, automatic and numerically controlled equipment. We design and develop simple and complex components based on the requirements of clients, who can rely on a highly qualified design team.

“The quality of our materials ensures safety, easy installation and easy maintenance.”



We produce casements of all kinds in aluminum and steel, for hinged, sliding and folding doors and windows. We offer avant-garde solutions for interior doors in aluminum, security exits, security doors in steel, staircases, parapets, railings and roofing. Combining fine workmanship with technological evolution, Iron Shark makes casements whose quality is measured in terms of strength and durability.


Continuous facades are the external cladding of multistory buildings to provide normal enclosure while making it possible to increase the insulating performance of the building with respect to the impact of external weather conditions. They are designed to stand up to wind, infiltration of air and water, and seismic tremors, combining sturdy, durable materials like aluminum, steel and glass. They guarantee excellent aesthetic results for buildings, control of oscillation, thermal efficiency and resistance to atmospheric agents, with resulting optimization of costs of climate control and lighting, leading to significant savings.


The roofing elements are the result of high technology designed for long-term use: panels composed of two aluminum alloy sheets, bonded with layers of synthetic material. The oven-coated exterior and the multilayer system guarantee extraordinary durability and strength, also in extreme climate conditions. Application is extremely versatile, suitable for interiors and exteriors, for the surfaces of new constructions, renovations and any type of structure.