The Termottimizzatore® (Thermal Optimizer) is a heat regenerator designed to achieve a dual objective in a very short time span:

1) Your company’s energy saving requirements. Thermal optimization means return on initial investment in less than two years.

2) Safeguarding of the environment in which we live; by burning less fuel, we can significantly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants.

The heat regeneration devices of the ECO-TH and ECO-TSX families of Termottimizzatore® (Thermal Optimizers) have been invented, designed and constructed to respond to requirements of heat recovery and resulting reduction of fuel consumption and gas emissions.

Thanks to high levels of savings on fuel consumption, the cost of purchase and installation of the Termottimizzatore (Thermal Optimizer) is generally recouped in two years. Furthermore, by burning smaller quantities of fuel, it is possible to significantly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants.


Very High Levels Of Energy Recovery

Fuel savings of up to 25%.

Environmental Sustainability

These devices reduce CO2 emissions of the climate control systems on which they are installed.


Reduced size thanks to the very high level of effective exchange surface per unit of volume.

Modular Design

The devices permit modular installation (linear or parallel), depending on installed power.


Maintenance is easy thanks to removable bulkheads.

Chemical Agents

The units are very resistant to chemical agents because they are made in titanium stainless steel.


Industrial plants 
Apartment buildings 
Swimming pools
Sports centers 
Shopping centers 
Hotels and resorts